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VitalAire a subsidiary of Air Liquide is a leading healthcare provider in South Africa.


Customize your career.

Promoting mobility opens up a wide range of possibilities for employees and enables Air Liquide to reap the benefits of diverse talents by keeping employees motivated, productive and engaged. This way, we can continue to leverage our staff base as a key sourcing pool.

Stephen de Vaux is an engineer who began his career at Air Liquide as a graduate and has now extended himself beyond his wildest expectations.

TCL (Technical Community Leaders)

We encourage and promote technical expertise through global innovative solutions for our customers, enlarged offerings and efficient operations. To increase our growth, we are committed to strengthening our world business lines by further developing our employees’ competencies and expertise and by sharing this knowledge worldwide.

The TCL programme has helped to entrench a second important career path within the Group. The technical expertise path is truly complementary to the managerial path and runs parallel with it. Both are essential to the strength of our business.

The programme also represents the full spectrum of Air Liquide’s activities, countries of operation and areas of technical expertise.

The aim of the TCL is to promote the development of innovative products and services, thus meeting the future needs of the organization.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, we have 54 experts, 10 of them international specialists in technical areas.

The TCL recognizes and rewards expertise in any field and encourages the transfer of knowledge across the Air Liquide Group via concrete actions.

Towards a learning organization

Developing an environment in which employees continuously create, acquire and transfer knowledge is how Air Liquide transforms itself into a learning organization.

In 2015, more than 340 employees participated in a learnership programme where Air Liquide was used as a foundation for teaching participants basic chemistry principles. The classes took place over weekends and incorporated the Industrial Management System (IMS) and the promotion of a safe working environment. Thirty-four students completed the 12-month programme, realizing our vision of becoming a learning organization. In 2017, we will see many more such programmes.


Campus Relations.

To help future graduates discover our business and job opportunities, Air Liquide develops close relationships with schools and universities worldwide. Our campus initiatives give students the opportunity to apply what they have read in textbooks, using their individual talents in a practical manner. Let's meet and shape a future together" – Cherese Smith, Talent Acquisition & Development.

Campus initiatives

As innovation is at our core, we aim to find dynamic, hard-working individuals to join Air Liquide’s world-class working environment. The building blocks of our talent pool are the campus relation initiatives we organize annually with some of South Africa’s top universities such as the Wits Careers & Interns Fairs.

Air Liquide also invites students to participate in global programmes such as the i-Lab Design Contest and the most recent Mini Molecules Challenge. Through these initiatives, students can find creative solutions for applications and the environment.

The main objective of the eight-week Vacation Work Programme is to attract young, dynamic and intelligent engineering students. When joining this programme, a mentor will be assigned to you to help you complete your required practical work towards your engineering degree and gain an insight into Air Liquide’s daily operations.

Internships and apprenticeships

With the scarcity of critical technical skills in the South African industrial sector, internships and apprenticeship programmes help realize Air Liquide’s long-term vision of identifying, developing and absorbing young, innovative individuals.

Not only do these programmes give young people an opportunity to gain experiential learning towards their qualifications through structured mentorship and coaching, but they enable the Group to recruit and harness these talents by helping young people realize their highest potential.


Gain knowledge and discover our culture.

A great way for young people to enhance their skills and learn about the Air Liquide environment is our five-year rotational programme that gives graduate entrants a taste of working in several departments and facilities to learn about a whole range of aspects of our business and corporate culture.

We chose the name Shosholoza, a Ndebele word which means “going forward together” because the purpose of the Shosholoza Management Training Programme is to fast-track young, talented graduates into management roles through rotation into the different functional areas of the Group.

The programme is performance-based and selection criteria are stringent. We aim to hire the top 10% of graduates in various disciplines from selected universities in South Africa. These young inductees will each be allocated a mentor to help them develop their career for the full five years of the programme. The mentors, part of the executive team, will guide and assist the young graduates’ professional progress. Human Resources are the custodians of the Shosholoza Management Training Programme project and our ambition is to nurture these young talents into becoming future leaders.

Our people power, our organization’s success and the quality of our people is what sets us apart!