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Funding and services

Offering innovative Diabetic solutions with Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems, customized services and support.

What do VitalAire Services entail?

If you are ready for insulin pump therapy, contact VitalAire for more information regarding the various options and funding for specific medical aid plans.

Our team will assist you with the VitalAire plan to ensure your smooth transition to insulin pump therapy or an upgrade. We will assist you with your insulin pump authorization, information regarding insurance, warranty claims and faulty exchanges.

VitalAire offers a 24/7 helpline and professional nurses nationwide who deliver consumables on a monthly basis to their patients and offer compliance and educational support.

How do I acquire an Insulin pump through VitalAire?

Acquiring an Insulin Pump with VitalAire in three easy steps:

1. Choose your insulin pump

  • There are various insulin pump models to choose from according to your lifestyle, specific needs, medical aid and plan options.   
  • Your VitalAire consultant will explain the functionality and benefits of each in detail.

2. Fill in your forms

  • You and your doctor will be required to sign a consent form. Your doctor will also fill out a VitalAire script.
  • These forms are sent to our Bedfordview Head Office and authorisation is received within 3-5 working days.

3. Funding information

  • All the information regarding the funding process of your insulin pump and consumables will be given to you.
  • Contact VitalAire to get an in depth understanding on how your insulin pump will be funded. 


  • A 4 year warranty period covers any technical faults with your Insulin Pump. You become eligible to upgrade your existing Insulin Pump after 3 years.
  • Transmitters have a 12 month warranty.