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Clinical studies

Studies showing you can achieve better patients' results by using insulin pump therapy.


Effectiveness of Automated Insulin Management Features of the MiniMed 640G Sensor-Augmented Insulin Pump

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics


Routine use of continuous glucose monitoring in 10 501 people with diabetes mellitus

Battelino et al. Diabetic Med.,published online July 14, 2015. doi:10.1111/dme.12825


Efficacy and safety of insulin pump therapy in type 2 diabetes: The OpT2mise study

Aronson R, Reznik Y, Conget I, Runzis S, Castaneda J, De Portu S, Lee S,Cohen O. Diabetologia September 2015, Volume 58, Supplement 1, pp 1-607


Long-term outcome of insulin pump therapy in children with type 1 diabetes assessed in a large population-based case-control study 

Johnson SR, Cooper MN, Jones TW, Davis EA. Diabetologia 56:2392-2400, 2013           based_case-control_study


The use and efficacy of continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes treated with insulin pump therapy: a randomized controlled trial

Battelino T. et al. Diabetologia 55:3155-3162, 2012.