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Oxygen therapy services

VitalAire’s wide range of products and oxygen therapy services can help prolong and improve the quality of your patients’ lives.

Hospital to home

Setting up therapy

Our highly skilled professional Nurses deliver oxygen services in the comfort of your patient’s home. We teach the safe use of the equipment and encourage friends and family members to involve themselves in your patient’s therapy initiation.

VitalAire provide user guides for all supplied equipment as well as a home oxygen therapy booklet filled with answers to common questions. Available in five languages, this booklet makes it easier for your patients to understand the safe use of the equipment. Our customer service teams are just a phone call away with 24-hour support.

Funding for home oxygen

Funding for patients that require home oxygen services from VitalAire include:

  • National State: Patients that do not belong to a medical scheme can obtain VitalAire home oxygen products and services through the state. We can facilitate the process with your patients.
  • Medical Schemes: Most medical schemes fund home oxygen products and services. VitalAire will assist your patient obtaining authorisation from their relevant medical scheme.
  • Private Funding: Patients can obtain VitalAire home oxygen products and services on a cash basis if they do not belong to a medical scheme.