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Support programs for your patient

Support is the key to good treatment. Our Therapy Initiation and Therapy Optimisation programs give your patients the best possible start and excellent ongoing support.

Our service

We believe patient education and clinical support can improve your prescribed therapy outcomes, resulting in a better quality of life for your patients. Their success is our concern.

Therapy Initiation Program

Studies show CPAP therapy is most successful when the patient’s mask fits comfortably, their therapy was followed-up in the first week and they have been educated about their Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Designed to cover all those concerns, our Therapy Initiation Program ensures the best possible start for your patients.

A CPAP consultant will deliver the education component of our Therapy Initiation Program either in our clinic or in the patient’s home.

Therapy Optimisation Program

Once therapy is under way, we focus on your patient’s long term compliance and treatment efficacy. We check in with your patients to see if the therapy is meeting their expectations and to answer any questions they may have.