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CPAP devices, masks and accessories

Patients can rent or buy the latest CPAP equipment. We follow your prescription and offer excellent after sales support.

Devices, masks and accessories

VitalAire supplies the latest devices manufactured by Philips Respironics, Weinmann and Apex. Each system has the same three basic components and all devices operate on the same principle. Key differences come down to treatment algorithms, remote connectivity and other usability features.

Benefit of Purchasing a CPAP from VitalAire

We recommend patients visit our branch for their first consultation to try out the systems for themselves. Some patients find a combination of one manufacturer’s CPAP device and another’s mask will best suit their needs. We can explain how different equipment works together and present an ideal solution.

All VitalAire CPAP equipment is supported by our excellent after-sales team.

Respect for your prescription

VitalAire always follows the doctor’s prescription, including prescribed devices.

If, during our monitoring of the patient’s compliance and performance, we think the therapy needs to be changed, we always refer the patient back to their doctor.


  • Many patients with medical aid are eligible for CPAP devices and masks.
  • Patients can buy a CPAP device and mask directly from VitalAire and enjoy a wide selection of products according to their financial situation.