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Reclaim your independence and mobility

VitalAire range of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) devices help you make the most of each breath, giving you the freedom to visit family and friends, take a trip, or go shopping, while on medical oxygen.  

Lightweight POCs can be recharged on the go (even while driving your car), making them convenient for travellers. Since the devices extract oxygen from the surrounding air, you don’t have to worrying about running out of oxygen.

VitalAire, a leading POC specialist, provides:

  • The widest range of the most innovative POCs available
  • Assistance in selecting the best POC for your needs
  • Comprehensive setup, education, and ongoing support from our dedicated team of home healthcare representatives
  • Repair servicing by our nationwide technical experts

Call us today on 086 111 4578 to discover how a POC can help you to reclaim your independence and mobility.